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Holistic Drug Treatment

The term, Holistic, refers to “whole” as opposed to “parts”. So what does holistic mean in terms of drug treatment? Holistic drug treatment treats the whole body. Addiction is a three-fold disease. It is a spiritual malady, a physical allergy, and a mental obsession. Holistic drug treatment treats the whole person – spiritually, physically, and mentally. Holistic drug treatment is a vital part of treatment here at Palm Partners. We believe in treating and healing the mind, body and spirit as separate but unified parts in the journey towards recovery.

Holistic drug treatment therapy at Palm Partners consist of meditation, spirituality, zumba, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, private massage and chiropractic services. These treatments are designed to help clients relax and treat their body at the same time they are treating their mi­­­­­nds.

Research supports holistic drug treatment programs:

Every Palm Partners treatment program uses a multi-disciplinary approach, which includes but is not limited to: